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Extract from The Pulse, 27th April 2023 ​

Intracranial Haemorrhage

-Any delays in administration of PCC, particularly in intracranial haemorrhage (ICH) can lead to patient death or serious morbidity

-Where intracranial haemorrhage is suspected or confirmed in a patient on anticoagulants, PCC should be given within 1 hour

-In patients with rapid onset neurological signs while on warfarin perform an URGENT INR and CT scan (within 1 hour)

Major Haemorrhage

In the event of a major bleed, reverse anticoagulants within 1 hour


-Order PCC straight from the Transfusion Laboratory

-PCC does not require Haematology Consultant approval

-Give vitamin K when reversing warfarin with PCC

For more information please refer to

Algorithm for management of bleeding and excessive anticoagulation in adult patients on warfarin in adults:

Algorithm for management of bleeding on direct oral anticoagulant (DOACs) in adults:

The Transfusion Hub page on the intranet contains key information about Blood Transfusion at MTW – please take a look: Transfusion Hub | Intranet (


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