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This is the NIHR PICBONE trial being run at MTW by our orthopaedic team.
We are looking for any limping child without a history of trauma under 16 years of age with a differential diagnosis of osteomyelitis or septic arthritis or transient synovitis etc.
If anyone seeing such a child could give the parents an information sheet and then email Gavin and Helen they will do the rest.
Attached are the info sheets for parents and patients.
The forms are in the bottom blue drawer in paeds a&e

If you have any questions please contact Gavin or Helen.

PIC Bone Parent info leaflet
Download PDF • 671KB

PIC Bone Patient info leaflet 8-11 years old
Download PDF • 899KB

PIC Bone Patient info 12-15 years old
Download PDF • 4.51MB


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