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Why civility is critical to your safety and patients safety

What is the Price of Incivility ?

Please take a moment to watch this interesting TED talk by Dr Chris Turner (ED Consultant) and founder of Civility Saves Lives

How do you measure up?

Look at the Clarks Civility index below, this is intended for personal use and intended to be confidential. Answer yes or no to each of the 20 questions below. Add your Yes questions at the end.

18-20 Very Civil

16-17 Civil

14-15 Moderately Civil

12-13 Minimally Civil

10-12 Uncivil

<10 Very Uncivil

You assume goodwill and think the best of others


You include and welcome new and current colleagues


You communicate respectfully (email, online, phone, face to face) and really listen


You avoid gossip and spreading rumours


You keep confidences and respect others' privacy


You encourage and mentor others


You avoid abusing your position or authority


You use respectful language (no racial, ethnic, sexual, age, religiously-biased terms)


When attending meetings, you arrive on time, participate, volunteer, and share the work


You avoid distracting others (misusing media, side conversations) during meetings


You avoid taking credit for someone else's ideas/work/contributions


You acknowledge others and praise their ideas/work/contributions


You take personal responsibility and accountability for your actions


You speak directly to the person with whom you have an issue


You share pertinent or important information with others


You uphold the vision, mission and values of your organisation


You seek and encourage constructive feedback from others


How do you challenge incivility?

Useful resources


· If your conflict resolution skills do not have the desired effect, please escalate to Consultant or Nurse in Charge .The trust also has nominated individuals who are independent of the department and can offer guidance. To find the freedom to speak up guardians, type Speak up into the trust landing page search option.


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